St. Louis Bourbon Society Membership


Patreon members receive exclusive access to private events such as special tastings, happy hours, bottle shares and barrel picks. Our Patreon members also receive early access to ALL of our tasting events and privately selected bottles as well as exclusive discounts. See our FAQ's to learn more!

Facebook Group

Facebook is where it all started for the St. Louis Bourbon Society. Today our group boasts over 5.5k members and is a great place to share tasting notes, ask for opinions, learn, and partake in fellowship in the spirit. It is also a fantastic way to stay up to date with upcoming bourbon releases and events. 


Our newsletter is the perfect way to stay in tune with upcoming barrel picks, events, and everything else that the St. Louis Bourbon Society is up to. Newsletters are sent out twice monthly and are a perfect alternative if you do not have social media or simply don't have the time to keep up with the facebook group.